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Here is the list of all the news of this website, for all the past few years.



08/03/10 : Did you check on my latest web designs (just updated) ?


26/04/09 : Updated webdesign page.
13/01/09 : Added some of my latest projects of webdesign.
11/01/09 : Happy new Year ! Here is a new electro tek mix from Atwoark. Enjoy !


07/12/08 : Atwoark published a new techno mix.
24/07/08 : New stuff in artworks , fashion et portraits ! Have a good summer everyone :)
29/05/08 : Update in the Web design section.
14/05/08 : I have added some of my latest works in web design section.
05/03/08 : I have just added some fresh stuff : 4 new drawings in the artworks section and 1 new portrait.


01/12/07 : Several new desktop wallpapers.
25/11/07 : Aurora : a new image in the portraits gallery.
11/11/07 : Update of several recent pictures in portraits and artworks pages.
11/09/07 : Addition of several new images here and there.
16/08/07 : A new look for the site ! Complete redesign, new menus, and of course a bunch of new drawings, artworks, wallpapers...
13/05/07 : A new mix of Atwoark to download : "Exclusive Rhythm", please check music section.
01/05/07 : Update in artworks section, with some of my latest projects, and a new lady on fashion page.
18/02/07 : A new manipulation in the Photo Touch-up section : beautifying Megan with Photoshop.
02/02/07 : Here are a lot of new drawings, portraits, fashion ladies...
02/02/07 : Here is a lot of new drawings, portraits, fashion ladies...
02/02/07 : Updates on the webdesign section. You can see all my website creations and my web development projects.
01/01/07 : Happy new year 2007 ! I wish you all the best for this new year. My wishes card for 2007.


03/12/06 : Opening of the page Photo Manipulation, with Lyka, a first example of before-after Photoshop...
03/11/06 : Music : the mix of November/December is online : "Endless", a techno mix from DJ Atwoark.
30/09/06 : Prints of "Psychedelic Woman" are available in different sizes, on this website : DeviantArt.
09/09/06 : Fever : The mix of DJ Atwoark for September/October is online.
12/08/06 : A new wallpaper is online : "Aqua Divas", please check the wallpapers page.
16/07/06 : Music : The new mix of July/August is available on Music page. Thanks Atwoark !
30/06/06 : Several new portraits (Björk, Marilyn Monroe...) and a fashion lady.
28/05/06 : CD cover for Romolo Fevola "Welcome To My House" , in Artworks.
21/05/06 : Sorry for all that time without news... My new website Stars Portraits takes me a lot of time ! Here is the mix for may-june.
25/04/06 : Please check out my new website, dedicated to celebrity portraits : All portrait artists can join and submit their celebrity portraits.
28/03/06 : A lot of new drawings are up : Monica Bellucci + a self portrait + an illustration L'Amant de la Geisha + several artworks + an acrylic
18/03/06 : It's been a long time ! The March/April mix is up. And a lot of new drawings will follow, I promess :)
05/02/06 : February starts with a brand new DJ mix from Atwoark, you can download it in music section.
22/01/06 : Enjoy some new wallpapers, called 'Express Yourself' and 'Piece of Mind'.
15/01/06 : Digital art : a new drawing called 'Butterfly Girl' done with Photoshop. I've also made a wallpaper of it.
12/01/06 : I have created 6 new wallpapers just for you, hope you'll like them...
09/01/06 : Music : January begins with a new DJ set in the music section, many thanks to DJ Atwoark !
07/01/06 : A new Photoshop tutorial to learn how to draw hair with Photoshop. In French only.
02/01/06 : Have a happy new year! I hope 2005 was a good year for you, and that 2006 will be even better! Thank you so much for supporting my work :)


21/12/05 : I've just added a portrait of the talented actress Lucy Liu and a digital painting called 'Memories'.
25/11/05 : Here are 2 new Photoshop tutorials - in French only, sorry.
20/11/05 : I'm totally into Desperate Housewives at the moment, here is a portrait of Eva Longoria.
12/11/05 : Webdesign : La Loco - my vector illustrations for the new site of the well-known parisian nightclub La Loco.
10/11/05 : Here is a new digital wallpaper called Silhouette.
04/11/05 : The house DJ mix of November has just arrived in music. Thank you Atwoark !
18/10/05 : Fashion ladies - New Photoshop painting "Look At Me" based on a portrait of top-model Alessandra Ambrosio.
15/10/05 : Pastel drawing Blonde and Pink : original version and Pop-Art version are in the portraits gallery.
08/10/05 : On the music page, you can now download the new hardtechno mix from DJ Atwoark.
08/10/05 : A pencil portrait of the top-model Luca Gadjus in the portraits gallery.
02/10/05 : A new digital composition called White Out, in the artworks section.
02/10/05 : Goodies : here is my second Photoshop tutorial : I explain how to draw eyes with Photoshop (in French only).
23/09/05 : Redesign of the photos page, with many news photos.
16/09/05 : A portrait of the greatest DJ of all time : Jeff Mills, in portraits page.
14/09/05 : Update in goodies page, with the list of my Photoshop tutorials (in French only).
11/09/05 : A new mix tekhouse techno : Back to the source from DJ Atwoark in a href="music.html">music.
01/09/05 : A selfportrait artwork Art Nouveau meets 21st century and a portrait of actress Catherine Zeta Jones.
28/08/05 : I have created a new art directory , for all artistic websites. Don't hesitate to add your personal art website there ! (in French)
27/08/05 : A punk dinosaure, and some other strange drawings on this page.
23/08/05 : Update in the goodies section, with a first Photoshop Tutorial (in French).
22/08/05 : This is the great comeback of music page ! You can listen a tekhouse / techno mix from DJ Atwoark.
22/08/05 : New web host ! Goodbye Free, this website is now hosted by Nuxit.
17/08/05 : A watercolor painting The Swimmer and a digital drawing Elphride. And check out the new wallpapers !!
18/07/05 : New digital painting artwork : Flower Woman.
13/07/05 : New portrait of the actor Josh Hartnett done with charcoals.
21/06/05 : Portrait of Charlie Chaplin: watercolors and digital painting.
20/06/05 : Two paintings : Louis Armstrong (watercolor) et Debbie Harry (watercolor and digital painting).
12/06/05 : Fashion Moonlight : a new fashion drawing, in a quite graphical style, also available as a wallpaper.
09/06/05 : Update in the friends artworks page : please admire the amazing drawings of Lolo.
08/06/05 : My first try with pastel : Glamour.
07/06/05 : My first try with watercolor : Carnaval, on paintings page.
05/06/05 : Portrait of Noam : the great baby of one of my colleagues of work ! Pencil drawing.
25/05/05 : New digital drawing : Nipponese Dreams. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of my work in the guestbook :)
21/05/05 : An directory has been put in place in order to access easily to all the pictures of this site.
20/05/05 : Almost 9000 visits on my site, thank you so much everyone ! Here is a portrait of singer Erykah Badu.
13/05/05 : A jamaican lady in the fashion drawings, and a digital painting called "Who Knows ?".
05/05/05 : Three fashion ladies: Envolée and Love Me Paris and Dancing Girl. I love my Wacom so much :)
04/05/05 : Here is a portrait that I've just finished : Reese Witherspoon.
01/05/05 : Some new stuff in the misc drawings (digital painting) : Sig and Agathe.
29/04/05 : Two new portraits online : Jazz singer Dinah Washington and French actress Audrey Tautou (from movie Amelie).
25/04/05 : Plenty of new wallpapers. I'm counting on you to install one of them on your desktop !
23/04/05 : A lot of changes in drawings page, now split in 3 parts : Fashion Ladies, Portraits, Miscellaneous.
18/04/05 : My first drawing colored with my brand new Wacom ! And an ink Herbie Hancock portrait.
10/04/05 : Please have a look to the plenty of new photographs in photo page.
09/04/05 : The childhood drawings are now available here.
09/04/05 : A electro-techno-fun (!) mix from DJ Atwoark has just came out ! Come and download it on music page.
08/04/05 : New address ! Please update your bookmarks :
04/04/05 : A new look for childhood drawings page, with 60 drawings...
29/03/05 : A portrait of famous DJ Laurent Garnier, an ink drawing.
23/03/05 : New portrait : Jo & Alex in black & white drawings.
20/03/05 : I'm in a portraits mood at the moment... Sofi + a selfportrait in black & white drawings page.
20/03/05 : Music : a new mix bigbeat/techno from Atwoark is online.
17/03/05 : Three new friend's drawings in friends section : Brad, Snail Mobile and Fashion The Pig :D
13/03/05 : A Björk (i'm a big fan !!) portrait just arrived in the colour drawings.
12/03/05 : Update in drawings with a new color art : Fadella.
06/03/05 : 2 new drawings: Noam and Snow White, an artwork : Egyptian Lover, a makeUp : Cleopatra.
06/03/05 : A new tekhouse mix in music section.
27/02/05 : Two black & white drawings right here, and a new MakeUp right there.
20/02/05 : Section MakeUp just opened with 2 images. Let's listen the new Atwoark mix in music.
17/02/05 : New drawing : Ceres (ink plus Photoshop colorisation) + some new icons for drawings page.
13/02/05 : Painting page updated with 2 new canvas and two masks.
12/02/05 : Update in digital art section : several new artworks came out.
12/02/05 : A certain Milla Jovovitch appeared, on the portraits page.
11/02/05 : A new pencil-made drawing : "Misaki" on drawings page in black & white part.
31/01/05 : Childhood : here are the first part of my childhood drawings... you'll notice a very special cat !
30/01/05 : A techno/hard-tek mix from Atwoark, you can download it in music section.
30/01/05 : Artwork : Sig - not finished yet, painted entirely with Photoshop (with the mouse !).
30/01/05 : Fashion : download the catalogue FTW in PDF version in bonus section.
20/01/05 : A new Fashion Lady : 'Absolutely Sweet Leonor', a digital drawing created with Photoshop.
09/01/05 : Music : January begins with a new DJ set in the music section, many thanks to DJ Atwoark !
01/01/05 : Happy happy happy 2005 to everybody !!!


05/12/04 : Several updates : 3 new color drawings, several artworks, and new paintings.
05/12/04 : Let's listen some music : Tekno mix of the week...
21/11/04 : Several new wallpapers a little more abstract.
05/11/04 : Music : an electro tekhouse mix from Atwoark.
01/11/04 : The week's mp3 in Music : a techno mix from Atwoark.
24/10/04 : Three brand new color drawings, and their associated wallpapers !
17/10/04 : Music: a new drum'n bass mix to listen.
13/10/04 : A comics strips in section BD ! This week, "Prolem Sine Matre Creatam".
07/10/04 : Four new black and white drawings including a really mythic one, of my 'Deug Prépa' classroom in 2001...
03/10/04 : An electro and 80's house mix from Atwoark has just arrived in music.
30/09/04 : 4 new wallpapers to download and to install right now on your desktop !
27/09/04 : Subscribe now to the mensual newsletter of the site !
25/09/04 : This week's gorgeous mix is here.
25/09/04 : Here are 24 new drawings in Black & white drawings... containing some portaits... enjoy !
23/09/04 : If you try to add this website to your bookmarks, you'll see a nice little icon... (IE and Netscape)
19/09/04 : Drawings : a new look and new sections on drawings page... with 1 new drawing !
11/09/04 : Music : Atwoark's new mix is free for downloading, just like each week !!!
09/09/04 : Fashion : 2 new pages of wear designs done back in 2000.
05/09/04 : A new series of wallpapers has just came out in the wallpapers section.
05/09/04 : The first mix from Atwoark can be downloaded in music !
02/09/04 : New : links page...
29/08/04 : I added about 300 sketches of 1999 : part I - part II - part III !! It took me such a long time to scan everything...
27/08/04 : Some funny shoes in shoes fashion design...
23/08/04 : Fashion : new stuffs, new look, new sections.
14/08/04 : Fashion part : the first part of the brand new Orfea wear collection is available.
05/08/04 : My guestbook is now online, please leave comments !